Adult Briefs - Heavy Duty


Features padded wings for greater comfort and absorbency, 4 tape tabs and a blue dryness strip for optimum skin protection. The full absorbent mat brief is designed for persons restricted by total incontinence, with leg gathers for superior fit and containment. The super-absorbent polymer provides maximum absorbency.


Feature padded wings. Greater comfort and absorbency.
Full, absorbent mat brief. Designed for persons restricted by total incontinence.
Leg gathers. Superior fit and containment.
POLY-FRESH™ super-absorbent polymer. Provides maximum absorbency.
Extra soft stay-dry facing and moisture-proof backing. Enhance patient comfort.
Oversized tape tabs. Provide a secure fit.
Blue dryness strip. Optimum skin protection.
Diamond and linear embossing. Provides maximum pad stability and utilization

WINGS CHOICE™ PLUS Small (20" to 31", 26.5"L), Peach Color Code, 12/Bag, 8 Clear Bags/Case Packaging

WINGS CHOICE™ PLUS Medium (32" to 44"), White Color Code, 12/Bag, 8 Clear Bags/Case Packaging, 96 Eaches/Case

WINGS CHOICE™ PLUS Large (45" to 58"), Blue Color Code, 12/Bag, 6 Clear Bags/Case Packaging, 72 Eaches/Case

WINGS CHOICE™ PLUS X-Large (59" to 64"), Beige Color Code, 12/Bag, 5 Clear Bags/Case Packaging, 60 Eaches/Case