Skin Sake Trial Samples

Skin Sake Surface Proctectant 

Skin Sake Ointments offer the best non-prescription skin care ointments available.  Skin Sake is a high-quality ointment for the treatment and prevention of Stage I and II Pressure Sores, incontinent rashes, and skin breakdown.  Skin Sake Surface Protectant is our newest product providing a cost-effective barrier ointment with many of the same effective ingredients as Skin Sake.  Thousands of patients nationwide are treated daily with Skin Sake ointments, and nursing professionals love it because it”s fast-acting, non greasy, and doesn”t stain clothing or bedding.

Booty Goo

You won''t find another diaper rash ointment available Over-the-Counter with the formulation that Booty Goo has to offer.  With its soothing blend of high quality ingredients, it not only treats diaper rash, but prevents future rashes.

Booty Goo's fast acting formula works by sealing the skin to protect against moisture, and providing a clean environment to encourage new skin cell growth.

Skin Sake Ointment

Skin Sake Ointment is a highly effective formula that soothes and treats skin breakdown, pressure sores, and incontinent rashes, while helping prevent future occurrences.  Skin Sake is fast-acting and protects the skin from future irritation while helping the body to heal itself.  It has been very popular in nursing homes, hospitals, hospice, and home health agencies for its competitive pricing and broad range of uses for a variety of skin breakdown causes.

*Limit 2 Samples per customer
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