Excel Extra-Wide Wheelchair

Wheelchair - Extra Wide Heavy Duty

• Extra-Wide Heavy Duty Wheelchairs have elevating legrest models that feature a notched, stainless steel ratchet bar to lock the legrests securely in place. • Threaded seat screw inserts minimize stripping from upholstery changes. • Padded and upholstered armrests and calf pads are standard. • Carbon steel frame with rust- and chip-resistant chrome plating. • Easy-to-clean navy vinyl upholstery. • Chart pocket on back. • Available with desk length removable and full length removable arm styles. • Available with detachable footrest or detachable elevating legrest. • Seat size comes in 20" x 18" (51 cm x 46 cm), 22" x 18" (56 cm x 46 cm) and 24" x 18" (61 cm x 46 cm). • Optional accessories: Anti-Fold Device (item MDS85196), Overhead Anti-Theft Device for 18"-22"Models (item MDS85197A), I.V. Pole (item MDS85183), O2 Holder (item MDS85181U),O2/I.V. Combo (item MDS85190), Anti-Tip Device (item MDS85189), 22" Pushbar (item MDS85192), Tinnerman Legrest Lock (item WCA806991).