Deer Field Dressing Kit


Centers for Disease Control

The CDC says to prevent exposure to Mycobacterium Bovis, "hunters are encouraged to use personal protective equipment while field dressing deer".

Most people are at very low risk for being infected with M. bovis. People at higher risk include individuals who work with cattle, bison, or cervids (e.g., deer or elk), or products from these animals such as hides, milk, or meat. Examples of occupations or hobbies that might put people at increased risk include ranching, dairy farming, working in a slaughterhouse or as a butcher, and hunting. People who drink raw (unpasteurized) milk or consume dairy products made from raw milk are also at greater risk. People who might be at higher risk of M. bovis infection should talk to their healthcare providers about whether they should be regularly screened for TB infection. Screening tests include the tuberculin skin test (TST) and the interferon-gamma release assay (blood test).