Boost Kid Essentials 1.5 Cal Medical Nutritional Drink 27 Pack

                 355 Calories.

      • Lactose free - Not for patients with galactosemia.
      • Provides 1.5 Cal/ml.
      • Great tasting oral supplement and tube feeding for children ages 1-10.
      • Provides 100% of vitamin and mineral needs in 870 ml/1305 calories.
      • Rich in Calcium to help grow strong bones.
      • Natural & artificial flavor.
      • Pediatrician approved - Approved by a panel of pediatricians.
      • Resources Just for Kids 1.5 Cal formula is a complete nutritional formula providing balanced nutrition for children.
      • 870 mg - 3.7 briks - contains 1305 calories - 1.5 cal/ml - and meet or exceed 100% of the NAS/NRC RDA for protein and essential vitamins and minerals for children 1 to 10 years of age.
      • Caloric Distributions:
        • Protein 11%, Fat 45%, Carbohydrate 44%
      • Water Content:
        • 170 ml/237 ml
      • Osmolality:
        • 390 mOsm/kg Water
      • A Medical Food for children ages 1 to 10 who have increased caloric needs or are fluid restricted.
      • Specially formulated for dietary management of malnutrition and other medical conditions when nutritional needs cannot be met through diet modification alone.
      • Not intended for children under 1 years of age unless specified by a physician.


    • Storage:
      • Store at room temperature. Unused open portion should be covered and refrigerated; discard if not use within 24 hours.
    • Use under medical supervision.
    • Tube Feeding:
      • Follow physician's instructions. Feed at room temperature. Pour directly into tube feeding container. Adjust formula rate and volume to patient's condition and tolerance. Avoid contamination during preparation and use.
    • Oral Feeding:
      • Chill before serving. Shake well. Pull foil tab and insert straw or pour into container.
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